Something About Palestine

From the day one of conflict between Israel’s military and Palestine’s Hamas I have been continuously reading news reports. I have read what Palestinians are saying about this war and I have also read what the Israelis’ are saying about the same war.

I also tried to know the historical perspective of this vicious conflict. This one picture says all.

The disappearing Palestine
The disappearing Palestine

I was really shocked to know that how Palestine has been reduced in a period of just a half century. How the majority has been turned into minority- at least demographically wise. Israelis, once settlers, became the owner of the land. I really understand that how they would have ousted palestinians out of their homeland. Through the force of arms and oppression. Nowhere in the world it happened that the native were squeezed in such a manner as happened with palestinians.  But this so called civilized world has let it happen and have turned themselves deaf to hear the cries of Palestinian people. At Government level there have been never real stop-call to Israel.

In contrast,I am very much pleased to know that the people of different nations, irrespective of what religion they are following, have come forward to express their grief and anger for the loss of precious lives of Palestinian who have lost their lives in the course of this war. Humanity is still living, I thought, when I read the news or saw a picture of demonstration being held in France, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Belgium and other arab countries.

Common People protesting in favor of Palestine
Common People protesting in favor of Palestine

Social Media is also very supportive for the Palestinians. Everyday you will find something trending for the current conflict. For example, currently what trending on twitter is #Palestenians #SaveGaza. Good indication that at the people level there is still humanity left.

On Facebook, people have changed their profile pictures with the flag of Palestine or some slogan in favor of them. People are continuously sharing breaking news and pictures of Just-In from the Palestine and are showing their support for them. Thats how the general public across the countries have responded to the war that is being waged by Israel against Palestine.

It also came as surprise to me that not all the Jews are supporting Israel’s seige on Palestine. Many Jews also led the protests in favor of Palestine and have asked Israel to stop waging war against innocent and handicapped Palestinians. This picture is the evidence.

Jews Against The Siege of Gaza
Jews Against The Siege of Gaza

But the response from Governments is really discouraging. I felt that governments and the general public don’t think in the same way. No doubt, there is democracy in UK, for example, but the opinion of majority is doing nothing to the rulers and they have their own view for this conflict. You will feel that people are outragreous for Israel but their Government is totally backing up the Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also standing with Israel and wants Hamas crushed and disarmed. They do have sympathetic views for the suffering and death tolls of common palestinians but they really hate Hamas.

And due to this overwhelming support or deafening silence of the international community Israel is feeling confident to keep on the war. There have been announcements of truce but to the extent of media only. Just after the announcement I hear the news that bombing is being carried out. I am really sad for this.

Even the United Nations offices, schools and camps are not being spared. Poor palestinian thought that these places would be safe for them. But Israel’s bombs chased them there too. it is heart-breakening to know that majority of the casualties are of children and women. Israel says that these locations are being used for stocking bombs and other war related purposes. However, UNO officials have condemned such allegations with the harshest tone. But again the silence of the international community is deafening. I never thought that international community will be so silent and will let people die. There is no shelter no way out of the Gaza people. They are totally locked from all the four directions.

I think this conflict is not based on religion. This war is to occupy the land of Palestine. And the reason that the Islamic countries are silent is that all the countries are afraid of Hamas. Because the muslim countries think that Hamas type of organizations can get inspiration if Hamas wins this war. As far as Hamas is concerned, it seems to me, that their goal is to free Palestine from the jaws of Israel.

The role of United Nations to resolves this conflict is also not satisfactory. All have been pressurizing and blaming only Hamas for the killing of Palestinian People. In their view, its the right of Israel to defend itself. Oh come on, see how many Palestinian have lost their lives and the majority of them was of civilian. They weren’t armed or fighting. These Palestinian were just running for their lives. But the bombs followed them where as per international law bombing was not allowed.

The need of the hour is that this conflict must be resolved as quickly as possible. And the Palestinian may be released from this open-air prison. They must be given their right of determination and must be given right to live freely. Remember, You can’t live happy if you are causing your neighbour pain and killing them.

I am also very much happy that general public understands this well and have shown their support for the innocent people of Palestine. It shows that all the people of the world are peace loving people. So my dear people, keep the pressure on till our governments take action and resolve this conflict according to the will of Palestine.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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6 thoughts on “Something About Palestine”

  1. The Palestine-Israel conflict is nothing if not complicated and tragic. i hope for peace, but so much attitude on both sides must change for this to happen. Having spent time in Israel and the West Bank, I have heard the Israeli side, but only a bit of the Palestinian side. As a teacher I have taught many Palestinian children, some whose parents have admitted ties to Hamas. Some parents and students have discussed their position. However, living in North Texas makes them wary of saying much more than is in the news. I’m proud to have seen one of my former students speaking and leading a rally for the Palestinian cause, but even she would not give many details when she spent time in my class. I understand her wariness, but wish I had more first hand knowledge not filtered by one news media or the other.


  2. Why things change is one tough question; in the meantime people suffer. This is an article written with great care not to offend but to inform. Bravo!
    Thank you very much for following and opening the door to your world. Eddie


    1. You have understood me totally well.. I really tried not to offend anybody. I just wanted to inform and pour some knowledge into my reader’s mind.
      Thanks for understanding Eddie. 🙂


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