How dreams come true… ?

‘Comfort Zone is an ideal place but nothing grows there’.

Seeing dreams is a normal thing for every creature in the world. Dogs, cats, elephants hence everything who has a life, dreams. But it’s the only human who can see dreams and then can bring them into reality.

For becoming that you are not, for reaching a destination either of moral highness or material gains one has to work harder. We have to bring ourselves out of our comfort-zone and have to readily sacrifice our family time, hobbies and other comforts for achieving that high dream.


The thing which is common in of all us is that we have all have seen dreams and have acted upon but for a while only. We use to pick up an ambition and then after sometimes we began to realize that we are not finding any success. Our motivation level hits the ground as rocket comes down to the target from the sky. We become hopeless, we think we can’t do it. And we start to think that we were wrong to believe that we could achieve our goal and could live our dream. We are always in hurry to see our dreams come true. But all the good things require time, energy and investment.


There are millions of minds and eyes which see their dreams. There are many brilliant minds out there who conceive a brilliant idea that can change the world.  But that same wonderful dies because they do one blunder. They don’t act on it. They don’t implement their idea.


One thing which is necessary for realizing one’s dream is ‘implementation’. There are two parts of anything. First we think in our mind and then we act upon our idea with our hands, resources, money or hard work. Consistency is another ingredient of success. We have to be consistent in what we are trying to achieve. Whatever you do with consistent approach will definitely be fruitful for you in the longer run.


I have heard and read about many creators, leaders, philanthropists and I found one thing which was common in them was their ‘Optimism’. During the darkest hours of their struggle they remained optimists about their success. About achieving they thought they had to. And they didn’t give up their cause. However, like all of us they were afraid of failure. The second thought of doing something useless always haunted their minds but they didn’t give up. From religious point of view, ‘God just wants to see how determined we are’ and He never let go anybody’s hard work in vain.


All the big enterprises, firms, corporations, philosophical ideas were conceived by humans like you and me. The difference is that they somehow implemented their ideas practically. Some got their dreams realized by meditations and they dedicated their lives to understand the truth and for that purpose they adopted isolation and lived in caves like Buddha Some opened a little workshop in their home’s backyard garage and tried to materialize their dream with what they had like Steve Jobs. Some went to jails for their cause and didn’t give up and came out victorious. Nelson Mandela is an example. For them it was easy to surrender or to give up the struggle. But they chose to face hardships for their believes and dreams.

Be your own Boss
Be your own Boss

So first of all think about an idea. You are now half way there. Now the 50% is in implementing your idea. Do anything which can bring you closer to your dream. You just have to engage yourself and rest God will do for you. It is more that possible that you will find such people during your course of struggle who will help you. By seeing your determination it is not so remote that you may get a financer. People will start following you and will provide you all the means which are necessary to realize your dream. If you are alive and determinant, anything can happen and everything is possible to do. You just do your part.


Now see, I thought of an idea to write on ‘Motivation’. Then I implemented it by actually writing up this post. If I hadn’t acted promptly this idea could never have been materialized. Now you will say that I am being very simple. But I bet that this approach is the cornerstone of any struggle towards achieving any goal i.e ‘Idea and implementation’.


So the formula to success is simple. Think of an idea and give your 100% to implement it. There is no one in the world who can say that I really worked hard, gave everything but couldn’t succeed.


So this is the story I tell myself when I feel low. How you overcome your de-motivation?


Hey hey! What have you got to say?

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