Only Justice Can Change The World.

I thought about poverty today. No, I won’t cry my ass off for being impoverished-stricken. I am talking about the world at large. I thought about all the wars that displaced many people, many were killed, many lived like handicapped thereafter. Many become kings and many innocent people were turned slave and lived for centuries under relentless slavery of their oppressors.
I am wondering why after pouring billions of dollars still world is hungry, still people are dying. When I thought about the people who are living miserable lives, my mind took me to the Africa and I saw there gold mines where the natives were working and earning as much as their food.
Then I see politicians, leaders, celebrity yearning for ‘Change’ but it didn’t occur. For some of us the literal meaning of change is to get rid of illiteracy. Pen can change the world they say. But I see many educated people who are jobless. They are living worse lives then the illiterate ones because an MBA holder can’t do mean jobs. Change can’t come by just making people learning high education – something is missing, I thought.
By squeezing borders and strict visa regulations were once thought of keeping foreigners. They thought by this way they will be able to create more jobs for their ordinary citizens. What I saw, by even such regressive steps nothing better happened to the world but it further went into the whirlpool of recessions. Change didn’t come by keeping people away from each other either.
So I invented the new slogan “ Justice can change the world”. When our parliamentarians will involve in corruptions and will only care for gathering black money to freeze them in Swiz Banks then no matter you educate your nation – change won’t come. Change can only come when you give each person its due right on the basis of merit. The chaos in the world is due to injustice. Its not about saving the world or about Islamization. Its just about the injustice that is done that cause people to retaliate.
For example, here at wordpress we are living quite happily. Because none of us is usurping anyone’s rights. We all have our space and have liberty to say what we want. Here, sharing means let growing each other. Each like or comment we are giving to each other is like giving each one of us some appreciation and support to write even better.
No matter how much money people invest to just keep the people alive, no sustainable change will occur to this world. We just don’t have to keep the world alive, we have to give them their proper place and have to make justice. Then only we can expect real change. We all humans are naturally good to each other. Each one of us feels happy when he / she does good. Nobody wants to be bad, its just the injustice that made most of us bad.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!


4 thoughts on “Only Justice Can Change The World.”

  1. Wonderful slogan Waqar. Justice is a very complex concept though & unless each individual is prepared to look into their own soul for that, we could be waiting a long time for it on a global scale 🙂


  2. Hello Waqar. I just read this very good article after seeing you had been to my blog. In this world, with the current system, there will never be justice. Our world is built on selfishness, greed and desire for power. Even if there were a global revolution tomorrow the world would fall back into its old ways because good people would find themselves overpowered by bad people. The only solution sits with God, we are being given the chance now to prove our hearts before he intervenes.


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