Why Americans Celebrate 4th July?

Happy 4th July to all my American Friends! 

I thought to write a blog post for 4th July – the independence day of United States Of America but then thought that I won’t be able to do justice with such a post. So I roamed around the internet and landed at International Business TIme’s website. 

I found it quite informative as it has the historical context about the famous 4th July celebration.

Click here to read: 04 July- Myth and Realities


Happy readings 🙂 and Enjoy



4 thoughts on “Why Americans Celebrate 4th July?”

  1. Ai celebrating a birth of a country that was built servitude from poor whites, enslavement of blacks and destruction of the red Indians.


    1. It was quite a surprise for me that British used to rule America back then in 18th century… It’s the same time when they were the rulers of Indian Sub-Continent here in South Asia.


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