Another Rejection!

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” Hello, Waqar there? We have short-listed you for the post of Copy-writer. Please appear in test tomorrow and for details please check your E-Mail ID. Good Luck”

An HR Executive called in the late evening of June 24, 2014 and informed me to appear in test the next day. While I was talking to her my wife was eavesdropping. I told her there is nothing to suspicion about. I just got a call for interview for the post of Copy-Writer. She wished me best of luck but her facial expressions were not that good.

“I have been praying through all this time but nothing has happened in our lives.” She moaned

“You know who is the toughest and most difficult man in this world” I asked her.

she just rolled her eyes and kept silent as she knew I am about to lecture her.

“One who does not quit darling- who doesn’t  quit” I said

” I don’t know from where you read this and I even more wonder whether whatever you believe is true?. The country you are living in is not that straight that you will work hard and you will get success. Here competence isn’t appreciated, reference is. Look you are now 30 years old man and still you haven’t finished reading books. Even you maintain a diary in which you write words and then memorize them. May be its your genes problem that you fail all these test. I will suggest you that stop reading these all books and fire them.” She said in franked manner.

“She is right” my mom said. “You are going to be father soon and you have done well, worked hard. You have tried out your luck. These books will just make you more miserable and nothing else. Fiction is a total lie and all those auto-biographies are of the people who were chosen by God.Come out of books’ world now and live a normal life, Waqar. May be God fulfill your dream through your kids. I have seen so many people who couldn’t do well in their lives but their kids did absolutely fabulous. Look at Bill Clinton for instance.”

” May be this is the opportunity I have been waiting for so long” I said ” May be this time, this opportunity will turn my life around and of yours too. Advertisement said that this post’s salary is Rs. 50,000 per month!.”

Actually I have always been afraid of my ‘missing an opportunity’. I have been to many interviews where I knew intuitively that I won’t be selected or the job is not of my type but I have still appeared in the test because I don’t want to regret afterwards that I didn’t try.

It was already the last week of the month and I hadn’t a single penny in my wallet but fortunately my wife had saved Rs. 500 and she gave me with the promise that I will return her on my salary. After the money problem solved then we were worried about the suit I had to wear. There was no electricity since two days and my clothes were not pressed. Anyhow, early in the morning my Mom pressed my suit by putting burning coal in a bowl and then pressing hard on my suit. Wrinkles didn’t go away but still my suit was better than totally unpressed.

Before leaving for interview, I touched my Mom’s feet as usual and asked her to pray for me. As usual she said, ” God luck, God will keep you always happy.” I went in my room and called my wife there. I had to hug her and had to ask for praying me. I read that those couple who hug and kiss each morning earn more than who don’t.  She said “Good luck God will change our lives soon.”

It took me 1.5 hours to reach that office. First they asked me to wait in waiting room. After ten minutes one lady came and took me with herself in an office that was like a big hall. There were small cabins there and all the staff was busy, typing.

In my test there were seven sections of Test. Test was MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). Test was predominantly from Grammar. Active Voice, Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Speech. One section was of IQ. And in the end I had to write an essay on any one of the 5 choices. I chose to write on How to release depression. I wrote like I was telling a story about my own self.I completed test in given time – one hour. I took care of all that I had read in William Zinsser’s book – ‘On writing well’. I kept my story according to his given rules. Used Active verbs, kept my voice and followed a sequence like he says tell what happened and then what happened.

I was hopeful that I will at least obtain 70% marks. I was expecting such result because I have appeared in many online tests of same nature on Odesk, Guru and many other sites. I even obtained 95% marks in English in online Tests.

After a week of test I received their mail yesterday in which they said that, ‘unfortunately you couldn’t pass our test. However, we will keep your CV and will contact you in future.”

Waqar Got Kicked Out Again!
Waqar Got Kicked Out Again!

I replied them:

I am very sorry to know that. I thought if I am given a chance I could show my best.

I will try to reappear and perform better in my next attempt if you will call me again.
I am now habitual of such rejections now. It doesn’t hurt me anymore. I understand that I am amateur in the field of Copy-Writer and they were right to reject me. I have never been as an apprentice under an experienced copy-writer who could train me. I am sailing on my own as once Christopher Columbus sailed to discover America so success won’t come so soon or in a definite form.
I am trying to sail through and find my own America on my own. All I can do is to keep working hard and keep learning. My one step towards become a good writer is to running this blog. I am doing my part – be witness to this.
My family doesn’t expect me to earn a lot or change their circumstances for good. They are happy and appreciate what I am doing for them. But for me its like living on Emergency Life-Mask.I am running my home, taking care of my family and that’s all is required by a man of my caliber. But I am earning as much as I am healthy and go on job. I have no job security and the allowance one legal employee gets on retirement.
But I am determined to work hard for becoming an established writer. I will not give up- as I told you that the hardest man is one who doesn’t quit. What am I losing by not giving up so why should I should give up?. I will keep on applying for the jobs and rejections will follow. Never mind. I hope the best is yet to come. Best is really yet to come for sure.
And even if my best didn’t show up I will be happy that I at least I gave my 100% or as much I could do. I did!

Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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4 thoughts on “Another Rejection!”

  1. Unfortunately, rejection is a part of life that chases us around like a bad shadow.
    However, as you showed here, keeping an iron will and not letting those rejections bring us down is what will one day pay off 🙂
    Knowing that you gave your 100% is, in itself, a victory – there are many out there who wouldn’t be able to do that.

    Of course, we do need to be able to survive in this world by making money, but as your post implies, money doesn’t always bring happiness. If writing is your dream, your goal, then keep at it – even if it’s just a post a day 🙂

    In Sha Allah, may things get better for you, bro, and may Allah (swt) have something incredible waiting for your just around the corner. Hang in there 🙂

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  2. I believe in manifesting all of my dreams, visualizing and being positive and if something doesn’t happen for me, there is usually a reason that something bigger and better is coming;) stay positive my friend. Following and glad to meet you;)

    Liked by 1 person

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