Media Havoc – Short Story

Media Shouting
Media Shouting

Ali is a common man by every aspect and yet quite different from the rest of the world. He is an avid reader and has a questioning mind. He loves books and especially literature and is admirer of all the great philosophers. He is by no means a successful individual. He works a day job which earns him hardly monthly expense. He spent his life reading books and expanding his mind only, while his relatives; friends were busy in just getting the worldly degrees and became doctors, engineers and independent entrepreneurs by any mean possible.

He has a beautiful wife who is not happy with him, “these books are just trash, and why don’t you do something productive?” she said while coming in living room when she saw him totally dissolved in reading a book.

“What else there is so productive than reading books”? He raised his head and said with a respected tone .

“Don’t tell me, you have only got this white hair and a mind that thinks only” she complained and saw him in his eyes to make him feel guilty.

Ali thought to keep silent because this was the only way to end this hot debate. Meanwhile she raised and went to the power switch board and switched T.V button on and sat back.

“Give me the remote control if you don’t mind please” she said without seeing him as her eyes were fixed on the remote control which was lying beside the dressing table. Ali handed it over to her with obedient agility.

She kept changing channels and Ali was quite. Ali never preferred to watch T.V because watching TV makes him feel depressed. He was praying in his heart that she may not stop at any news channel. To his dismay she stopped at a news channel which was at that time breaking some news.

“Why news channel? You know I don’t like news anyway” He said while lifting a pillow to his lap.

“Because it’s necessary to know what’s going on in the world” she said in abrupt tone and her eyes were fixed in T.V.

He saw two persons sitting in the TV. One male and one female who were talking after one another. They were repeating the breaking news and were claiming that they are the first to break it.

“What’s so great in claiming that we are bringing it first to you?” Ali asked as if he was irritated.

“Because it’s the worth-claiming thing to break the news before any one. Don’t you know anything about competition?”

“ Yeah! I know about competitions and this thing is crazy” he scratched his head and said like he was whispering to himself.

The news was about some protest made in the street for load shedding and the violent mob was screaming and strangely enough, all the people in the mob were smiling like they were in the party.

“ This is totally obnoxious.. Obnoxious” he screamed

“ Why, what’s so wrong with it. Look, they are protesting for their right” she said

“I understand better than you but you know, the sound that it makes, the way it is being said that it’s breaking news. Is it breaking news? TV channels show like our whole the country is at fire!”

She looked at him and said, “Then you mean this is not fair to report the grievances of people?”

“It is fair but why it is so important to report like that. By creating drama and hear this sound which comes when the breaking news slide turns like a flash. Glamour, artificial drama!”

“Then what else they should report?” she asked

“Well, they can report on the other things which are of more concern than this. They can report upon the issues which are directly linked with the greater good. They can highlight issue of jobs; they can raise the awareness level in a good way. They should telecast programs regarding the national unity, about the peace and what can we do to attain these goals. About helping our strategic motives which suits to our country. Remember how much peaceful we were when we just had one government owned T.V channel. Were we so shocked, were we so scared then, so puzzled, so confused? We had a life that we miss today. This is missing part of our lives now” .

“They do this too, they try to aware people and they are doing so on regular basis” she argued.

“Now tell me what is there which you have learned by watching this news? They just have confused you more, just that”.

“How can you say that? She said while looking at him.

“Look dear wife, you know there are some limits to which me must all adhere. There are some issues which should be not discussed in that way they do on T.V. You know this media is a very persuasive tool to mold the opinion of people. And it’s just not in our own country but it’s the problem of the whole world that their media toss and turns the truth. Because they are in competition. They are just like another private entity whose only motive is to earn money. The media shows an elephant like an ant and makes an ant an elephant. This should really be stopped because they are spreading panic and are making people confuse.”

“So what can be done to correct it?”

“That’s very simple but hard to do. Because by being simple you won’t be able to attract the audience. People like drama, suspense and all the speculations. This keeps people coming back again and again to watch their programs. They should regularize themselves and should understand that they should only report the issues which have a great good and doesn’t collide with our national image as a whole.”

“ Oh, I got it “ she said and turned off the T.V. “ I think you better sleep and don’t think too much “

He stretched his legs to get his back straight and said “Good night”


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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2 thoughts on “Media Havoc – Short Story”

  1. Ha! I’ve written a few times about how twisted the media has become. They are nothing but a bunch of “spin doctors” catering to the hordes of mindless viewers who have lost the ability to think for themselves. “Don’t worry, we’ll do the thinking and comprehending for you! Sit back and enjoy.”

    Funny post. I was married for 28-years, so I know what those conversations are like, and what they are about.

    Thanks for following my blog!


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