An Ounce Of Home.

If I am to embark on the journey and will take a long of time to come back. I will have a group picture with my family and will keep it in my wallet. I have never been away from my family members. So it will be quite different experiment for me to live alone.

I just questioned myself that can I live that far? The answer came that if I am going for some job outside my country and that will result in better life standard for my family then I will must go. I can take the pain of being away of home.

However in this technological world distance has shrunk from kilometers to just a click. Wherever we are we can still remain in contact with our family. Having said that still being together physically is much more necessary than to have just a soft copy of our faces.

By now that I have written both in favor of being home and being away. I am thinking to have an opportunity where I have to embark on a long journey. It will teach me a lot. About life and about people. Up to this day I have lived a pampered life wherein I have always been looking up to my father and mother for anything I needed.

I think itโ€™s time to move on.

Written for Daily Prompt.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed Shar

Waqar Ahmed Shar is a freelancer, Sociologist, webmaster and Computer Operator at Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited, Karachi Pakistan. He received his M.A Sociology from Shah Abdul Latif University. After his part-time five year career as a freelancer, he launched where he writes on social and psychological issues. In addition to this website, he is a regular contributor to a number of online and print newspapers and an enthusiastic Lakers fan. He currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan with his wife Sidra Waqar and a son Shahzaib.

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