I Am Malala

Nowadays I am reading I AM MALALA, an autobiography of Malala Yousuf Zai. She is a brave girl who was shot by Taliban for raising voice in favor of right of education for girls. She is beautiful and she also has a blessing of being a good orator. I like her personally, partially for her looks and partially for her courage.

Malala Yousufzai
Malala Yousufzai

The day she was shot was the saddest day of my life. I was praying to God for saving her life. In fact I don’t like anybody dying but I have a separate soft corner for her. Her being from a backward area and amid dangerous people she still thought to have her voice. And such people are already few in number – everywhere. God gave her another life and may be God has chosen her for some great purpose.

I learned in her autobiography that she wants to return Pakistan and wants to be a politician. I assure you Malala, that my vote is for you. We need such people who have experienced all the suffering because they have better idea and can decide better than a person who has never been in direct heat of poverty and all those things from which 80% of Pakistani go through.

In first four chapters I got an insight in Malala’s life. Her co-author Mrs. Lamb who is a UK journalist has maintained her innocence and it rightly feels that we are reading something written by a girl who has just stepped into puberty.

She has given very informative knowledge about Sawat, pashtuns and all that is mostly untold. However, I found customs and tradition familiar to mine. I got to knew through his book that Malalai was an Afghan girl who had bravely challenged the English army who was attacking Afghans. When Malali saw that her soldier are losing courage, she came forward and took charge of Afghan flag and challenged British Army. She died due to her bravery but her courage rouse Afghan Army in moral and they somehow won the battle and kicked British Army out of Afghanistan. Malala’s father named Malala in that inspiration. But grandfather of Malala didn’t like her name as to him this name was a name of a lady who was ‘grief stricken’.

As we advance in her autobiography, we find that it is actually the autobiography of her father ‘Ziauddin Yousufzai’. She has proudly written that how his father from a common man became an exquisite orator. How he faced challenges of being black in color and short in height. How bullying made him feel and all the struggles that a normal Pakistani goes through.

How his father ‘Ziauddin’ decided to establish a school with his friend in partnership. He had to go extra mile to get registration for opening an school as the concerned authority was demanding bribe which he didn’t want to give,” I have done no crime- I just want to teach children’.

I think this was too early to have a biography for her. She is just a teen age girl. BY reading that one feels like he is reading a personal diary for a teenage girl. Just that. But still I appreciate that she has a book wherein she had noted all those things which normally are unheard in the western world. By that point of view this book is quite informative.

As I am still reading this book so I will edit and include more information about Malala..

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