Why Being Friend with Your Colleagues on Facebook is a bad idea

Facebook is one of the most popular social website on internet. Almost a billion people are there. Facebook from being a close circled friends zone has now pushed it boundaries and have engulfed almost everything in it. In its earlier times it was only used by people but corporations didn’t like it. For them it was just the waste of them so they BLOCKED it.But sooner these business oriented corporation realised that its the cheap source to reach out their customers and now from educational institutes to banks- every one has a page their. Our favorite personalities almost found Facebook to connect to fans and they love how people like and share their status saying – I LOVE YOU – I LOVE YOU….


But where Facebook has provided an opportunity to get connect with your loved ones by staying at your homes, at the same time it has deprived many of us from spiritual calmness., trust on your partner and it has caused many to lose self-confidence and become the victim of inferiority complex. Now some examples please… There are wedding couple who got divorced because one of the partner liked another girls picture hence give rise to suspensions. Many people at Facebook did something which caused them to lose their job. Any status update which was posted by an employee who is said I am Sick and his boss read that status in which he said- ” Having Fun at Miami beach :P” Or you typed this lethal status ” “I am SICK of this stab in the back and kiss on the cheek politics” or ” I am fed up I can’t afford to lose my job but I can’t work like that too”. “No promotion since last three years- whyyyyyyyyy”

If you have friends from your office then you have to be extra careful for what you are saying and doing at Facebook. Remember You have  Freedom to write only but you have no freedom on what will happen in response to it. This is not a freedom of speech world anyway. 

There is always a hidden network installed by your boss in your office.. And there are always some friends of your own who use to spy about you. All that you said in true sincerity is transferred to your boss. Beware Your Boss’s eyes and ears are everywhere..

There is no harm in being friends with your colleagues if You are a sophisticated person who is not vocal and can control his emotions. But if you love your personal space and also don’t want to get harmed by your thoughts and you think that you are a thought criminal then never go on being friends with colleagues.. You will never know what hit you .. and you will typing a post like me.. And I don’t want you to pass through the phase I am passing now.

Love You Every ONE.. I love you So Muchh! 🙂


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