Terrorism in Pakistan has been one of the complex issues since more than a decade now. It all started when Al-Qaida was blamed to be involved in terrorist activities of 9/11. On that tragic day, millions of eyes watched Twin Towers brutally attacked and falling down on the ground LIVE from around the seven continents. It was quite bewildering occasion for whole the world. As who could believe that United States who claims to surveillance who world was having a security lapse in its own country.This incident literally changed the whole world. From then on world became a security place everywhere. Visa processes became more strict and everybody looked each other with suspicious eye. Many peace-loving muslims in America had to face the backslash of this incident. From them many bore the pain and many thought to return back to their homelands.






In response to this brutal attack US decided to chase Taliban down in Afghanistan. US asked Pakistan to be either ‘to our or their side’ and after getting national consensus, Pakistan became the frontline alloy of America and NATO forces in War on Terror. Due to the presence of US Army and NATO militants started to relocated to hideout near PAK-AFGHAN border.

Pakistan’s move to join the cause of US to eradicate terrorism turned Taliban against Pakistan and they termed Pakistan equal enemy as United States. They started to retaliate and didn’t spare anybody. They targeted mosques wherein their fellow believers were offering prayer. They exploded themselves in busy markets and colored the walls with blood and usurped happiness of thousands of families. They set national assets on fire; these masked people pretended as common man and went near to our brave soldiers and stabbed them in the back. I am not mathemicats maven but still I can safely say that the numbers of civilian and military casualties caused by war with terrorist are about 50,000 people.

Neither they are democratic people so they felt danger from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, who was one of the most popular, liberal and experienced politician of Pakistan. She was the woman who had international exposure and was then in position to take Pakistan out of crisis. They again came with a mask and pointed Gun on her head and killed her while she was thinking that his killer was one his party follower.

Hence they killed anyone who came in their way. If any journalist reported against them, they just went silently and pierced bullet in his head to silence him down forever. They even didn’t spare Malala- who is one little voice supporting education for girls with the message that ‘ One Teacher, One Pen can change the world’.

This terrorism has caused Pakistan immense loss at the all the grounds. The ultimate aim of these terrorists was to isolate Pakistan. They wanted Pakistan to go back in the darkness and kneel down and eventually die an economical death. Terrorists don’t like cricket too so they targeted our Sri Lankan brothers, in Lahore, who came to play here by ignoring all the threats of terrorists. Whenever any agreement for development was signed with international investors, terrorist used to bombard somewhere to scare investors and they flew away in no time. So since a decade Pakistan is living in isolation that is causing it severe economical and reputational loss.

Wherever Pakistani goes he has to face embarrassment when people ask that ‘ That Pakistan where just bombs use to explode and people die everyday?


At first political parties tried to persuade terrorists to drop down their weapons and live as ordinary citizens by way of ‘dialogues’ but these efforts went in vain as terrorist kept saying ‘ OK we are thinking over your proposal” and at the backyard kept organizing themselves and planning where to attack to paralyze and embarrass Paksitani nation. So each invitation to talk for attaining peace was replied with a slap.


Finally after all the peaceful efforts didn’t materialize as terrorist kept giving bullet in exchange of a rose, Government of Pakistan has decided to declare war against Taliban and all the groups who are working under the umbrella of these terrorist organizations.


People of Pakistan have welcomed this recent move of Government and has shown full support to Pakistan Army and Government. This can be evident from one view of Twitter- in only one hour twitter was trending with #ZarbeAZB. The name Pakistan Army has given to mission to get rid of Taliban.


As evident by the trends pasted above Taliban have threatened that, “ We will burn Islamabad and Lahore” to which general public has responded as.


Pakistani People Reaction over Taliban Threat
Pakistani People Reaction over Taliban Threat

As Pakistani citizen I once again show my full support with our Army and I wish that soon peace be brought back to Pakistan and we may proceed towards the path that is of prosperity, love, economical growth. We will be delighted to sacrifice our lives if we could make sure that our posterity will have better Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad. PAK ARMY ZINDABAD


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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