How Far Can I Go.

In every city there are two cities- One belongs to rich and other belongs to poor.

If I became a City Planner what would I change in my City? I thought about that and I found almost everything needs an overhaul. But I am not trying to copy anyone’s idea to bring change at my hometown. I don’t need Eiffel Tower erected at one of our parks here nor I want Times Squares in the midst of our City. I want to construct something which others want to copy. I am a leader by heart.

So lets imagine I have $ 1,000,000,000 and I have to make my dream city. So the one option is to renovate the existing city and the other is to build entirely new one. What would I prefer? Guess.. Guess.. You think I will build new city…?? No No.. You got it wrong.. I won’t make a new city at all.. But instead I  would like to renovate and bring change in the already existing towns. Because those area who are poorly constructed belong to poor people. I want to change their lives by improving their living standards and want to equip their lives with things on which only Rich have monopoly.

Lets Break the monopoly- EDUCATE THE POOR

I want to bring each and every facility that rich have in their access. So first of all I am going to construct schools, colleges, universities in slum areas. Buildings are not just enough – I will hire best minds from around the world. I will hire teachers from USA, Germany, UK, Australia- wherever they are I will pool them up in my town. I will say I will pay you as much as you want to train my kids as best as you can. This needs their safe and secure residence so I will build entire US type, London Type, German Type, Australia type homes to give the teachers feeling of being at home. My main idea is to facilitate my kid’s future changers as much as possible. I will also give them free tickets to visit their home. Thats the cornerstone of my plan. To educate my children. So say in at least 25 years my one batch of generation is ready to compete on a global scale. Wow !

Lets Break the monopoly- MODERN SKILLS FOR THE POOR. 

Kids are getting education and everything is fine there. But I just can’t sit and wait for 25 years to see the real change. So I will hire national and international level skilled personnel to train my local people. My people will become Electricians, Industry Operators, Some Teachers, Some artists, Some writers, Some sports men. I will gather the data and will ask them what they want to be and everybody will be becoming what he wants to be. So this is maximum 5 years plan. When the sixth year will start I will have people who will be earning on their own and returning me nothing. I don’t need that..

Lets Break the monopoly- BUILDING A LIBRARY

At the centre of my town- there will be a library. A world class library having association with all the respected libraries of the world. I will buy all the rights of Cambridge, The New York library and my kids and people will be just one click away from what they want to know. Each book that will come in the market will be available in my library. Here in my town people will have equal status as of a man who is living in New York or any development country of the world. So this is an ongoing plan. People will get benefit it for their whole lives.

Lets Break the monopoly- Proper Drainage Facility

I will build proper drainage network in my town. Washrooms for everyone. I will conduct seminar on the importance of using washrooms and washing their hands. This will help my kids and people to stay healthy and increase their life expectancy.

Lets Break the monopoly – An Auditorium.

There will be an auditorium in my city. Where we will all sit together and will listen to each other. There will be discipline as to who will talk first and who later. Senior citizens will be asked to share their thoughts first and the youngers later. Anybody will have full freedom to express their views about the progress of the town and to record their reservation for anything they like. All the marriage ceremonies and funeral arrangement will be held here in this auditorium. No body will have to worry about the dowry or about the funeral arrangement. This will be taken care by me.

Lets Break the monopoly- Own Transport. 

I will purchase 10 buses which will carry my kids and people to the most visited places. They will be charged minimum to afford the fuel charges. It will be quite safe and easy for them to go and come back safely. There will be a routine which all will have to follow.

Lets Break the monopoly- Guardianship Transfer to the new Generation

This will be mandatory that some guardianship responsibilities be transferred to the new generation. They will first be trained for executing the governorship matters first. And then say after 25 years or upon sudden death of one of the committee member- rest of the members will elect a new member from their society. There will be no discrimination allowed and now such nepotism could be exercised. Elections will be held in Auditorium.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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