Right To Brag- Bringing friend back to life

It was the just like another day and I thought it would have a normal end. But I was wrong. After reaching office I logged on to Twitter and I felt like a brisk current has passed through my body from head to toe. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was a tweet of my friend who had always motivated me for not losing hope. And he tweeted that he is going to suicide .


I need to see it.. I have to see the other side. I have to let go. I have to give up.. I have to die.. Yes..Yes.. I should… My Time is Up.. I SHOULD DIE! NOW. (23 minutes ago)

I was like a statue who just don’t breath or think. I couldn’t believe a guy who had struggled throughout his life and had always an optimistic approach could succumb to death and that too a SUICIDE.

I called on his phone and it was not responding. I thought I should go to his apartment and without informing my boss I left the office.

It was a journey of around one hour and I seeded up my car into fourth gear – I wanted to reach as soon as possible. Meanwhile I was driving lot of thought attacked my mind. At one moment I saw him smiling and texting me funny things and making shapes 🙂 😛 and sometimes he used to broke up laughing like hahahahahha . And at the other moment I was already seeing him dead – in a casket. I couldn’t believe he could do this and die so soon.

I thought to call his father who lives in Florida but I couldn’t gather my strength to inform him. But somehow I drove fast and reached at his apartment.

I strolled through the ladders and pushed the door away with all the force I had. I rushed towards his room where his laptop was still on and two phones were getting charge. I called him. He didn’t answer. I rushed towards the washroom where I saw him. He was lying there- unconscious with a bottle of phenol open.

Immediately I called the rescue team but I felt it unsafe to leave him like that and to wait for them to reach. I pulled him over my shoulder and hurried towards hospital. I observed that he half conscious and was trying to talk with me. But I kept telling him- You will be fine. Everything will be fine.

After reaching hospital he was shifted to emergency room where doctor gave him some pills that’s caused him to vomit. He kept vomiting for half an hour. I asked doctor if anything serious. He said that he is lucky that he came here in time.

After sometime he felt asleep. I kept walking in the hospital corridor, thinking. What caused him to do that. He never told me that horrible part of his life. Was that so serious or personal. I decided that I won’t ask him- I just wanted him to be back again. I prayed to God for thousand times that day. I have never prayed that much in my whole life.

After seeing him stable, I called to his father and told him briefly what happened with more emphasizing that don’t worry- He is OK. He reached there. I found uncle’s face was almost pale and worried. He thanked me for doing all this. He thanked that I saved my friend life. I had nothing done so much worth thanking. I just did what anybody could do.

While I am writing this post I am happy that he has returned to normal life and is recovering fast. I wish that he may always remain happy and may all the success be his destiny.

I first time felt proud of myself. That I saved my friend’s life. Any other achievement has never given me that much happiness and satisfaction.

Right To Brag


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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