Edge Of Tomorrow

Since the ancient times, man found himself encircled with all kinds of wonders and dangers. Though he was weak but one gift that God gave him was wisdom and intelligence. Through the course of history, generation after generation, man has kept researching and finding ways to make himself safe and have invented the ways which can reduce the labor time hence producing much more than a physical operation could.

In the early years of humankind, about six thousand years ago, when man had seen an elephant for the first time he was afraid of him. He must had exclaimed – ‘wow such a big structure- I can’t even stand his one kick’. When the thunderstorm had struck, he found that there are powers much stronger than him. . Mountains worried the man that who created this macho thing and why so big. Rain, rivers, Sun, Moon, stars, islands – wherever man went and whatever he saw all struck man with amazement and his skeptic nature put lot of questions in his mind. He could observe and question. That’s the beauty of being human. He kept on thinking, experimenting and reaching some conclusions. God gifted this earth to human being and left space for him to discover the answer for himself.

Beasts were the immediate danger so man somehow found a way to get rid of them. Fire! Fire was the best discovery and solution. Fire made man able to keep beasts away of their approach – outside their ramshackle. He started to do experiments with the fire. Before discovery of fire- man used to hunt and eat raw food.  But then he thought to use fire to do something unique with his food- may be just for the sake of changing taste. He started to cook on fire.

Then man invented wheel. A simple wheel that could carry heavier goods with such ease. Man found the way he could beat the law of fraction. Wheel is the cornerstone in the progress of human kind. Today look anywhere you will find wheel there. With the passage of time mad started to use iron for everything he did. After living as a hunter man found new way of survival. He became a farmer to use to cultivate in fields. Some brilliant man didn’t stop to research and find new ways of survival. So man erected industry. He then worked on mechanics, he invented pumps, turbines, refractory and one day installed an industry where he could yield much more than he could from farming – agriculture.

And such wheel of progress kept moving and man then started to think about science. He started to do calculations. Arabians were the first who invented the digit zero-‘0’. They worked out algebra, trigonometry and lot of astronomical stuff. He worked out on diseases and found its treatments.

Man had come a long way and by then man were able to know that this world is not flat but actually its round. Round like an orange. At first those scientists and thinking minds were abused for saying that world is round. But somehow world had to admit that world is round and is hanged in the sky without and external support.

Then the age of information technology came. Man started to find news of doing business. He invented computer- big enough to cover whole space of a library. He got the basics and then he moved on to reduce computers in size and expand it in terms of processing capability. Today we have laptops, PCs and Mac. Then the age of telecommunication came and world became no more than a global village. Whole world is now at the finger tips of one individual provided he has rudimentary information how to operate it.

Man kept on working and then he invented smart phones. He invented mobile applications which work wonders. There is now application of every kind. Name anything you will find its application. Everything is being done on computers and mobile phones. From transactions of millions to connect to a distant friend living anywhere in the world is now just a click away.

Now the man is trying to find life on Mars. He just landed its Curiosity space shuttle there and is still trying to figure if life is possible there. Man is working to increase the life expectancy. In year 2004, scientists in America had successfully operated a man who had diabetes. How to treat cancer is now the man’s cancer. And in coming decades it seems to be possible that man will find ways to heal this dreadful disease.

Unfortunately this success has some drawbacks too. The ever increasing carbon emissions in our atmosphere have caused a massive damage to ozone layer. World is experiencing climate change and if this persisted then there is no such hope for our posterity. Scientists are now working on the projects which can make sure that there be less carbon emissions.

Where there man has achieved so much in terms of science there due to political reasons people are still longing for just having sufficient food. There are many people who are in million who are still living barbarian’s life. However, this world has a lot of potential. Only the good management of resources is need.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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