Why having faith is necessary?

Why having faith is necessary? 

Faith is the prime mover of a life. Without faith world could not come so far because before reaching towards all the success and discoveries scientists and philosophers had to overcome their frustration with the help of ‘Faith’ . Faith has many shapes. Some people have faith on God, some people keep faith on themselves, some on their abilities and some people give up their present life for the sake of bright future.

No matter how worse your circumstance are but never lose hope and always have faith. Because faith is itself an energy. It generates positive vibes in your brain and you let go your problems and start to focus on good things. Faith will let you bear the pain. And its the just faith which is the main difference between people who are successful and who are not.

It was the faith of Eiffel that insisted and fought his case for building Eiffel tower.  He leaped over fear zone and kept faith intact in his mind.

It was the faith of Martin Luther King Jr. that he took stand against the racialism in United States of America. Its also the faith in humanity that Warren Buffet spends his over 98% of wealth on poor. Its faith that have ridden very poor men to become the Presidents of US. Its the faith that Edison kept on trying and didn’t lose and after 10,000 methods that didn’t work he eventually found the idea.

It was the faith in equal-rights that Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison. Without faith nobody can live in a prison and that too of worse kind as Blacks were mistreated and were kept in isolation. If he hadn’t faith he couldn’t fight Apartheid who were very strong than him. His family, friends, relatives had pressurized him to strike a deal and live freely but he didn’t succumb to his faith- of having Free Africa. At times, fear and depression came to haunt him but he kept the faith anyway. He could live life well as he was an advocate. If he had thought for himself and had not fight for whole the nation he could do that.

Actually human being is designed to have faith. Its a built-in feature in human being. Any act you do it reflects that you have faith. Without faith no body can live his life.

Those people who had faith, achieved greatness in their lives. And those who had not – they met the unbearable pain of failures and history threw them in to the darkest shelves of anonymity.

Those people who have faith never give up. They try again and again. They also face same kind of depression as that of who don’t have faith but they don’t let go faith from their consciousness. They don’t want to lose the source of energy.

Today in this materialistic age there is no one who is happy. We all are running in a Marathon trying to earn more and more money. Most of us are just able to become hand-to-mouth. We have no time for our families, friends and for fulfilling our hobbies. We have become machines.

We all are having problems. Some have domestic issues, some have money issues. Some people are worried about their future and some have disconnected their natural connection with God or goodness and have drifted themselves away into the dark circle of depression.

I understand sometimes we really don’t see any hope, any way- out from our problems but my question is – is it of any benefit that we give up hope and curse our fate for this?

We have to rise up and have to put all negative things behind. Because by letting depression overcome us we are draining our energy. Don’t drain yourself at the hands of depression. Work and find ways of getting out of it. Sooner you will find a way-out, a solution , a hope.

You are not alone

If you have income problem then try to search out other ways of increasing your income capacity. If your girl friend or boyfriend broke your heart then try to fix up with being around some good people.

Make good and sincere friends with whom you can be yourself. Ask for their help and share your fears with them. They will surely console you and you will find positivity in life once again.

If you have twitter account- go burst it with your all thoughts. Whatever coming in your mind just type it there. You will feel quite relieved by this practice. Twitter is the best place to talk with yourself.

In your leisure time, search “Best Qoutes” and read them. You will find wisdom in those quotes and also will find that your own problems are nothing as compare to others.

You can also maintain a diary wherein you write down all your feelings. Since it is a private material you can write anything.

Anger, frustration, desperation also is a type of energy but its negative energy. Waste it but with positive attitude.

I have also faith amid time of depression and I find it quite healing one. My faith on God and goodness gives me energy and mental support to face the crisis. It helps me to jump out of depression, inferior complex and all the problems and hindrance I feel are coming in my way. It allows me to work efficiently and carry on my struggle to achieve what I am longing for.

Its the 21st century and you are provided with lot of complex information. You will find out many ambiguous surveys about what triggers depression, what to do in depression. How to kill depression by eating pills and many things of that kind. FORGET ABOUT IT. Just grasp this simple line. I HAVE FAITH. Good.. You are out of depression zone already.

Keep the faith.!


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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