Brief History of Muslims’s Rise and Fall

Nowadays Muslims, all over the world, are living as scattered nations. Internally they have many sects and each sect holder considers itself on the right path and thinks the other sect believer is misguided. And its routine that one sect declares other sect believer as outside the circle of Islam and vice versa. This is what internally goes among Muslims. To the outer world, Muslims have not such a prestige and they are looked with suspicious eye. Muslim countries are rivaling with each other on the basis of their sect. Sunni countries want to teach lesson to Shia countries and vice-versa.

When Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H spread the message of Islam first in private and then openly in public. People started to convert and embraced Islam first on a slower rate and then faster. It was not outright success though. Prophet PBUH faced very tough and challenging circumstances in his hometown (Mecca- Saudi Arabia). In efforts to stop Prophet Muhammad from saying what he was saying that Allah is alone and that he is His prophet and that idols placed in Kaaba are not gods– non-believers asked him to withdraw from his program and to name anything he wanted in return of abolishing propagation of Islam. He remained steadfast as he was selected from Allah as a Prophet of Him. During this course of spreading Islam Prophet PBUH received an invitation from the people of Madina to become their Emir but Prophet Muhammad kept this offer on standby and kept propagating message of Peace and against the idol-worshipping till the non-believers of Mecca became furious and started to torture newly turned Muslims and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Prophet ordered his follower to migrate to Madina and then migrated himself with no confusion on the instruction of Almighty Allah.

The message that Prophet Muhammad PBUH spread was that there is no God except Allah and that those false gods – people of that time used to worship are of no use to them. No one except Allah can benefit anyone and no one can help in getting away with the punishment if God destined someone to be punished. That all the humans are equal and no one is superior to anyone by any standard whatsoever. This shackled the status-quo. Because before that Prophet PBUH preaching, people thought that they are hand-cuffed before their kings and those kings were given status of being second to gods. People always looked towards their kings for changing their lives and also pointed towards their same false gods when they suffered famine or any natural disasters.

This was the biggest hurdle for progress – to believe that man is limited by the wills of others who have ‘authority’ over them. Prophet PBUH told people the truth- same truth that Prophet Abraham told to his people. That was again refreshed by Prophet Jesus. That Man is free and no other man has any kind of authority over him. And that each individual is responsible for his actions. Man is only answerable to his Allah only.

After reaching Madina, Prophet Muhammad led the foundation of modern city. He constituted the world’s first written constitution and set principles in place and ensured everyone’s rights. The non-believers of Mecca decided to fight war with Muslims who were now living in Madina- 200 kilomerters away of Mecca. Prophet Muhammad devised the best strategy- minimum human loss and a sure victory with the help of Almighty God. He invented the strategy of trench war. Non-believers of Mecca came and found that they can’t do anything about it. Going through Trench was directly letting Muslims make them easy target. So the non-believers of Mecca kept consulting and consultation remained the only thing they did. Muslims were in their homes and had no shortage of food and shelter. Mecca non-believer were so away from their homes and were depending on only what they have brought with themselves- and that was too reducing at faster rate so their army was deeply concerned. Finally they decided to return back to Mecca. But before the caravan of Non-Believers reached Mecca the news of Muslims’s victory reached there before they could. This news not only changed Mecca but also it spread to different parts of the world. To all the directions in one instance that made Muslims were recognized in the world with prestige and to non-believers it was the worse embarrassment.

Muslims very firmly kept this secret. That man is free and that he is only responsible for what he does and that there is only one authority- Allah. Prophet Muhammad PBUH then sent his ambassadors to different parts of the world to convey them the message that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is Allah’s prophet and Allah says that there is no God but He and that man is free and there is no authority but He. This light brightened the people and changed their destiney- wherever it reached.

And then Muslims spread all over the world and converted others not by force but by justice and manifestation of their higher character. Wherever Muslim went they left an impression to which natives couldn’t ignore. Muslims got mastery in trade, in geometry, in mathematics, in astronomy and had discovered the world is round and revolves around the sun much before than the Europe which was still in darkness and ruled by the church and Bishops. European used to believe that this world is flat and static and because the world is static there is nothing that can be changed. Muslims were standing rightly in opposite direction. They believed that world is round and that change is the only constant phenomenon of the world. That there is no restriction on excelling and God is with those who work hard, and keep justice and don’t transgress.

History is evident that when Europeans met Muslims in Iran, Turkey and wherever Muslim ruled then; they kept wondering about the Muslim emperors living style. In Iran, European saw as many fountainheads as mosques. In Syria, Muslims were washing their hands before and after eating meal where Europeans were just rubbing their hands with their shirts and wondered why such hand washing.

European copied all the best practices of Muslims and led the foundation of civilization. But unfortunately Muslims started to forgot the message. They started to fight with each other and indulged in activities that proved fatal for Muslims and then downfall started which persist till today.



Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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