Conversation with life and death.

Today morning, on my way to office, I saw unusual crowd in school’s ground. While I was getting late but still I couldn’t hold myself and went to see what happened. Soon after I reached there I saw one man lying in a coffin and that was placed in a vehicle. Sadly, It was a goods loading vehicle. I felt uneasy. I thought that his family and relative at least had cared to depart him with some respect. In ambulance?  I knew they could afford an ambulance but they didn’t care to hire it.

In order to observe surrounding, I glanced at the people who were apparently deceased’s brothers, sons, cousins and friends. I saw one guy was spraying some sacred water on the deceased coffin by circling around the vehicle. He had pinned a hole on cap of the bottle and the water was coming down in the form of tiny drops on the coffin. Some persons were tightening the rope around the coffin to make it fixed in the vehicle so that coffin may not sway when they will take him to graveyard. And some people were staying at a distance, smoking cigarettes, calling on phone or just kept themselves busy in their mobile phones. Some were looking very sad; I thought they are his close relatives or that they are imagining themselves to be dead one day like him.

I then looked at the deceased body again and my heart sank down. I had no relation with him but still I felt grieved. I saw him up from his head to his feet and realised how his body is so smooth and static. Some words reverberated in my head which my friend had told me, “We die because connection between our mind and heart is broken .” I found myself repeating that his connection between his mind and heart is broken so he is dead. But I added it that when our spirit is taken away we are dead. His spirit is now high up in the skies with the God.

” Am I afraid of death?” I asked myself while looking at the dead body. The answer came “No”. I was astonished upon my finding that I was not afraid of death. I reconfirmed and my heart solemnly returned that ‘No, I am not afraid of death.” Soon I reminisced myself that how the bad dreams and sometimes fear of dying had kept me up in the bed during midnights! I heard the answer, ‘ I remember and I am seeing this dead man right now and that death is with him but still I feel just normal”.

I then started to think about the time when he was alive. I thought he must have passed through many trying times. Many good times too and that his part in this world is now over. I thought that he had a life, an energy that God gave him as an opportunity to do whatever he wanted to do with his life by giving him the complete guidance. And I found him lying there in coffin there which was in the vehicle, not even an ambulance was hired to take him to graveyard. Might be he didn’t work that hard? Might be this was all he could do given the harsh circumstances he faced and the opportunities he was denied?

People were aggrieved but not that much. One more thing which gave me satisfaction to realise that he did not live in vain. He at least successfully transmitted his DNA and genes in form of his sons and daughters and he is, in that way, still living. I think its quite satisfying to die with the feeling that you have your descendents who will carry your DNA and your genes wherever they will go. That you are leaving a your sons and daughters behind who will remorse and weep for you.

I then thought what’s the difference between a man who dies and have a lot of people to attend his funeral and a man who dies without any notice?. Why he is so unattended and why those people like leaders, priests, and all those people who are famous have such a following and respect?

I got an answer: That God has given us life and then its upto us that how we live it. If we devote ourselves wholly towards the act of high character and on the path our God has shown us to follow- we can definitely reach the heights of prestige and respect. For all our lives we are living for only ourselves. We never come out of our little circle and never think big. Only those people have survived in the history who have sacrificed their own self for the common good of other. Who have tried to change the lives of the people by keeping themselves in worldly problems. For them those sufferings were nothing as compare to living in history forever- or at least till this world exists.

We also need to aware people and education and enlightenment is necessary to enable people to think in a broader perspective. Here people are preoccupied to fill their bellies that don’t have time to think towards helping others or doing something to attain spiritual satisfaction.

I felt a renewed passion for doing something that can last forever. I thought that I don’t want to die like this. And with this revelation I said him goodbye and prayed that may Allah Almighty place him in the highest portion of Heaven and hurried towards office.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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