The Necklace that cost too high!

She was very beautiful girl but unfortunate that she opened her eyes in a poor house. Her poverty barred her from all the luxuries of life. She had no dowry, no expectations from life and no opportunity to find a loving, caring, rich and respectable husband for herself. Beautiful as she was but poor luck forced her to marry a guy who was a clerk and had no such societal status to which she was rightly deserving. 

She dressed cheap clothes because she couldn’t afford the modern wardrobe of her time and was an unhappy soul because she always had felt like she’s not been given her proper position in the society. Since there is no race and rank for a woman. Her beauty, charmness and grace is her cast and identity among men and in her own eyes.

She suffered immensely by the feeling that  she had to born with a gold spoon because she had the right to have the luxuries and delicacies of life. She suffered from the poverty of her clothes from the oldness of her walls, from outdated furniture and from the ugliness of curtains. From the knowledge that she hadn’t smartphone and from the consciousness that she could have it all if she had got a chance.

Nothing in her life was as she had wanted it to be.  Any other woman of her societal status would be satisfied with her life but she couldn’t make peace within herself and the consciousness of her beauty tortured and made her angry every single day of her life.

When she sat at the dinner table and served her husband with night meal, her husband would praise her for making delicious food. She never gave an ear to his appreciation but always remained in her other world. She fancied about being in a five star hotel where she was the centre of the attention of her guests. She heard the background music which used to be slow and the dim lights of the hotel which made the environment even more romantic. She imagined herself taking her selfies and posting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on flicker in one- go as she had linked all her social websites account with each other. Not to mention the likes and the tweets and retweets of which she was addicted that added self-confidence in her.

She had no beautiful clothes and no such jewelry to honour her face. And she loved nothing more than to have these belongings. She wanted to be pleased, to be loved and appreciated for her beauty for her graciousness. She wanted to be rivaled by her fellow women and wanted that they feel jealous of her.

One evening her husband came and screamed in a triumphant air. He was holding a large envelope in his hand and he was waving it in the air.

“Darling”, he said, ” I have got something for you”

She tore the envelope in a haste and drew out a printed card which bore following announcement.

” The management is very happy to announce that we are arranging a concert for all the honorable members of Country Club. You are invited to join us on Sunday Evening, June 01, 2014.”

Shockingly enough, for her husband to see that this didn’t make her happy. Instead she felt a strong wave of sadness and he found her to mumble that:”Why do you want me to attend this concert?”

“But honey, I thought you would be glad to attend this concert” he said. “Its been months that you haven’t gone anywhere and I thought its the good opportunity for you. I had awful trouble to get this invitation. Everyone wants to attend the concert and these invitations are not for clerks. They are exclusively for the officials.”

She looked at him with an irritated eye and said in an impatiently tone,

“But what I have to wear for attending a concert?”

He had not thought of that, he stammered:

” Why the dress you wear when we go to visit in-laws. You look beautiful in that.”

He stopped, distracted, seeing that his wife was crying. Two big tears descended slowly from the corner of her eyes towards the corner of her mouth. He shuttered:

“What the matter?”, “Whats wrong?”

But by a painful efforts she conquered her grief and wiped her tears from her wet cheeks.

“Nothing, only I have no clothes.I can’t go with the plain dress that I have. So give this invitation card to someone whose wife has such dress and jewelry.”

He was in despair and he continued:

“Come lets go Gulshan-E-Hadeed. How much money do you need to buy a simple beautiful dress which you can use at the venues like this”

She remained silent for many seconds, she was calculating in her mind and was thinking how much an economical clerk like he can afford her to buy a dress.

Finally she looked at him and replied hesitantly, ” I don’t know how much money my dress will require, I think Rs. 2,000 will be sufficient.”

He grown a bit pale, because he had only saved Rs. 2,000 which he had kept for any emergency purpose.

He said, ” Alright, I will give you Rs. 2,000. Have a beautiful dress.”

Dress she bought
Dress she bought









Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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