The Rise And Fall of Geo

Since April 19, 2014, when Mr. Hamid Mir was attacked in broad-day light in Karachi, Pakistan. Geo/Jung group is under harsh criticism from all over the Pakistani nation.

Hamid Mir
Hamid Mir

Mr. Hamid Mir is no doubt a stalwart personality of Pakistan. He is a journalist who has maintained his credibility while others have been either faltering or aren’t of that high caliber to match his wave length. He is the top journalist whose  ratings were higher than any other host of talk shows. People used to listen him. He has covered many issues and have voiced the grievances of common man. He has been to various countries and have the distinction of interviewing almost all the top personalities inside and outside Pakistan.

But I would like to say that Mr. Hamid Mir has gone too far in some areas where he had not to give an impression that he himself is a party. Any journalist is just expected to present the facts before the nation and that’s enough- rest let the nation decide.

After attack on Mr.  Hamid Mir, Geo lost its senses and sensationalism overridden the professionalism. It was too early to nominate someone in the case and what a mischievous act – that Geo aired the picture of our Country’s most sensitive and honorable institution’s Chief. Who could bear that?  All the sympathies that were with Mr. Hamid Mir were drown into the hatred people felt for such an hurting act that Geo committed.

Geo miscalculated that it can pressurize institution by nominating the head in such a contemptible manner. The nation back-firedvery strongly  and soon it happened that Geo lost it credibility and became the center of criticism. Some criticized and condemned Geo because Geo had committed an original sin and some, unfortunately, were criticizing only and only due to professional jealousy.



The role of the other media houses was also very discouraging. The way they were dragging Geo into more controversy was a sad thing to see. Geo already had committed a blunder and the rival groups made it even harder for Geo to normalize the situation.

In fact this has been the problem since beginning of electronic media era in Pakistan. All the channels have tried to suppress its rival channel by under-reporting the grievances and achievements of the rival groups. They were doing no good but actually were hollowing their own roots. People may remain silent and choose not to express their views but one thing everybody understands that other channels were doing this only and only to polish their viewership. Their ultimate goal was to get Geo banned only because of commercial incentives, so that its share, that is 50% be taken by them.

It is said that, in bad times even the shadow of a person doesn’t own him. I saw it with my own eyes. The people Geo had made ‘leaders’ turned their backs away from the channel for nobody could dare to stand with Geo.

May be they are actually the aggrieved party, as they accuse that Geo was involved in election rigging but the way they attacked Geo, is itself a learning event for all of us.

What I have learned from Geo’s downfall is that I will never be as blunt and out of senses like Geo, no matter how apparent the cause for me would be. I will keep myself cool and wait for the facts that they reveal themselves up before me before I make my mind to take a decision.

No matter how powerful you are in own your eyes, possibility is always there that you may suffer a downfall because of your own blunder.

Now tell me, who could think that Geo will face such a fate? Once the voice of all is now searching the ways of its own survival !. No doubt every Rise has a fall… and Geo showed a bit arrogance rather than objectivity to solve the matter.

So what Geo can do now?

Geo Group should ask for forgiveness LIVE and continuously through slides and through short documentaries. Since Geo is a channel of people and people are very angry about its stance so it has to approach people and have to make them realize that It has confessed its mistake. Geo should also apologize to the aggrieved party i.e our Armed Institutions. They are really angry no doubt but I still hope that if Geo show the courage to confess its blunder and make them understand, may be they forgive Geo.

These are all our institutions and everyone has its own importance. Even if in our family it happens that our father gets angry on our brothers. And we all expect our brother to kneel down and ask for forgiveness. Father also just wants that son just accept his mistake. So, Dear Geo don’t go astray in arrogance- please ask for forgiveness.

And for the future, Geo must realize that every institution has its own limits. You can’t dictate government about what to do and what no to do. You have to remain focused upon one thing – to present the fact- and your job is over.

I also understand that Geo had started to look our country at a global level. But the people of our country  are still way below the acceptable literacy level. We are in a kind of war and it will take time to settle things. So instead of creating more problems for itself and for the country it should look for the middle road- where it doesn’t hurdle our institutions to safeguard our country and also make sure that the grievances of common people are brought on the screen.

I was fan of Geo and honestly I feel that something is missing in my life when there is no Geo around. I also have a sorrow-full heart for the employees of Geo Group. May God help all those common man whose survival is now at stake. I pray that Geo understand the situation and act accordingly. The self-review of Geo on its policies will not only be good for itself but also for the rest of its loyal fans.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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