“During six thousand years of its life, planet earth has gone through a lot of changes in the ways man has learned to make it habitable. Physically, things are same, for example, rivers, mountains, air, gold in gold-mines, diamond in coal mines, ocean rivers etc. But the evolution of man during this time is fabulous. Planet Earth is witness that how man has evolved from being the hunter and food gatherer to the knowledge worker. He learned to sow feeds in the field and became a Farmer. When he got the most output from being the farmer he then invented another way of producing more in little time. He became an industrial worker. That was skill age. Now this skill , like the previous ones is becoming outmoded: This era, in which we are living in, belongs to knowledge workers.”

As we all know that in initial days of the mankind our forefathers used to hunt in the fields. Before going to the prey the dad used to say- ‘Going to prey- Hope I will get a deer today.’ In the beginning man could only do this. Gather or hunt for food. He prepared such tools like bow and arrows, or sometimes maybe just stone could work to prey. So at a time, by hunting profession, man could only get one days food for his family and for himself. He lived a barbarian life then and was very insecure because it was the time when he was still understanding the mysteries of the nature. Everything used to frighten him and from everywhere danger lurked for him. He soon felt that the only way of survival is in brotherhood. So man came closer to each other and started to live in communities.

He kept on exploring the methods to obtain ease and safety. Through continuous experiments he equipped himself with the art of farming. First he sown seeds in the land and then patiently took care of the land. He provided water to the land, rooted out the unnecessary weeds and guarded his land from the beasts. At the time of harvesting, he was content to know that he has increased his earning capability up by 50%. His living standard got better. He was then able to make a home and felt a sense of security for the first time. He could stock his earnings so that he might not starve or die because of hunger. But one thing happened- those people who were hunters were no more required. They were downsized to a greater number. So as the knowledge and techniques of farming spread all over the world- the time came when there was no body who was still connected with the profession of hunting for living.

With continuous effort and experiments, man then taught himself mechanics. He then learned to invent pumps, turbines, in short, machines which could produce 50 times more than he could yeild in the profession of farming. Today in USA there are only 3% who are associated with the profession of farming. However, they are also doing it with the help of machines and modern technology.

In industrial age, man learned that how to transform raw material into a finished product. Standard of life got better. Not so soon but eventually the worker – class got their rights. So now a worker has to work eight hours in a day and he has eight hours for recreative activities and eights hours for sleep. He can send his children to schools and thus man kept going on the way of progress.

Now the people who had farming techniques are not in demand. They were downsized and sooner they found no jobs for themselves. So people started to learn industrial skills and incorporated themselves into new ear of industrialization.

After the industrial age, the era of Information / knowledge -worker came. People moved from machines to computers. There are people who are now earning more by simply providing information to the organization and by offering value creation. The knowledge -workers are the people who are letting the organization achieve its goals. Nathan Myhrvold- Microsoft’s ex-technology officer once remarked that :

“The top software developers are more productive than average software developers not by a factor of 10 x or 100 x or even 1000 x  but by 10,000 x.”

So we must make ourselves ready for the upcoming methods of doing business and survival. In order to be succeed, we must have skills that are compatible to the current age. Otherwise we will be forced to downsize and survival will become harder and harder.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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