Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited- FFBL


Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited is Pakistan’s one of the best success story. ‘Fauji’ is an Urdu language word which means “Soldier”.  As its founder is ‘Fauji Foundation’- an organization who works for the welfare of retired Pakistan Army personnel.

The purpose of naming it ‘Fauji’ would both be to honor the soldiers of Pakistan and also to establish a trademark of credibility. One can only picture a soldier, a Fauji, as loyal to his country with full dedication and commitment. So the case is with the FFBL as it has its own credibility among its competitors and customers. Say I am from Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited- you will be dealt with respect.

It is located 46 kilometers away from Karachi- The Metropolitan city of Pakistan. However it is very near to Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. Initially this company was the only worth-seeing thing in Eastern Industrial Zone but with the pace of time, it is now surrounded by many other small factories and go-downs. It stands there like the mother of all the small children who are still in embryonic state.

May be you never need to go to FFBL’s Head Office, but still I want to tell you that its head office is in Rawalpindi- Islamabad. Some more addition is pertinent to make here is that FFBL is also building its own skyscraper type building in Rawalpindi Islamabad. Its layout  says that it will be one of the beautiful buildings Islamabad can ever have.

Fauji Fertilzer Bin Qasim Limited has seen both the good and bad times. Prior to embark on the path of success it has seen sever crisis. As formerly this company had partnership with Jordan hence it was then called Fauji Jordan Fertilizer Company (FJFC). This partnership didn’t go well and owing to some administrative and rupee -dollar conversion confusion and complications, 6.5 Billion rupees loss was destined to be suffered.

But then like all the worst times- it did also pass. Then this almost dead company’s share were bought by FFC. FFC became the major shareholder by purchasing 51% of shares.

This new investment and new name which they chose it to call and read – FFBL, injected the fresh breath of hope among the company management and employees.

Time did come again when the same product (DAP) that was a machine which used to change all the hardship, all the investment into a depressing loss- started to earn profits. Profits that FFBL had never seen before. Massive success!

When you reach at the Gate No.4 of  FFBL, which is the main entrance gate,you will see a big billboard that is saying – Safety is our first priority. This is rightly so. FFBL has a very good safety record and is quite committed to turn its million hours of safety into billion hours of safety and keep distributing valuable awards among its employees both to congratulate and encourage them.

FFBL has also the distinction of being the pioneer company who produces DAP in Pakistan. However it has revamped its plants and have upgraded its machinery to produce in greater quantity, but still it just has been able to meet 45% demand of the country. It also produces Granular Urea.

Fauji Fertilizer is also a wonderful example of Civil-Military workmanship. Its such a nice collaboration wherein the administrative management is governed by the Ex-Military officers and the matters relating to operation of plant are being executed by the engineers having civil background.

The secret of success behind continuous improvement and healthy financial statements is that FFBL has a pool of brilliant employees. FFBL has invested heavily in hiring and retaining the top class individuals. It has also graciously invested in purchasing equipments and simultaneously improving the plant safety and reliability.

Here at FFBL one has access to any higher authority and everyone is allowed to come up with his problems by following the proper channel, if the situation demands so. On the personal level people are taught to be humble, respectful, trustworthy and understanding towards their fellow employees.

FFBL has a very good Learning and Development center. Where newly hired apprentices are taught the basics of their role which they will practice when they will go on-the-job training at plant site.

Learning and Development center also runs a calendar wherein it is compulsory for all the experienced employees- from managers to operational level engineers- to teach and share their experience with all the employees.

As every big organization FFBL is also working on the projects of ‘Expansion’. Keeping in view the current energy crisis and shortage of its one of the most vital direct material – Natural Gas, FFBL has decided to install its own ‘Coal Plant’. This Coal Plant will produce electricity and will lessen dependence over Natural Gas that is being provided by SSGC.

FFBL is also working on other projects which will take it to different markets. It has also been working on FFBL – Meat Project. These projects are under commencing phase and sooner they will also add some more feathers in big crown of FFBL.

FFBL has shown that it also accepts Corporate Social Responsibility. It has budgeted around Rs.40,000,000 for a four year plan. It has financed for a girls school, have setup a basic health unit and a water filter plant in Gaghar Phatak.  All these projected are governed by a Non-Government Organization – HDF.



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