Saud Sabir – A Friend of All Seasons.

Saud Sabir is my childhood friend. I am glad to think that if a baby had born on the date when Saud Sabir and I led the foundation of our friendship-that boy must be seventeen years old now. We have seen so many things happening in our lives – through childhood to adolescence. We have shared our thoughts on every topic without even given a thought whether it is worth discussion or not. We have rarely agreed to each other and have disagreed freely and happily without letting our friendship down.


Saud Sabir was born on August 24, 1985. Once I had asked him- do you remember anything about your early childhood? After a little pause he had told me that once he had survived the risk of being run away by a vehicle. He was so little that motor vehicle passed over him -without noticing his presence and hurting him. I was really shocked to know that and equally thankful that he lived well and I got a friend in him.

In our early friendship days we used to play street cricket and when the game would be over we would sit under a tree- right in front of his and my house – for discussing all which attracted our attention.

He once had asked me a question- “Who is your ideal?” This question was quite new to me. I had never thought about visualizing an ideal for me. I thought to get an idea before I could give my answer, so in return, I asked ” first tell me who is your ideal?” he said “Adeel”. I felt relieved that he hadn’t named some scientist or some scholar and I told him with a kind of proud to astonish him ” You are my ideal , Saud !”

And then it happened that we shifted our house. While we were shifting our belongings into a truck, Saud’s father came and said “why are you leaving? Saud and Hunny (his younger brother) are sad for your moving away from here!

After relocating to other side of the town I still managed to visit him and played cricket as we used to play in past. But with the time my visit to his house become less frequent.

It was the February of the year 1999, when I bought my P.C- Pentium-II. A rare and expensive machine of that time. I became the center of attention for all my friends. Friends use to come at my house and got inspired with the speed and newness of my PC. Saud also couldn’t stop himself and paid a visit to my house. We used to play ‘Moto Racer’ game all day long. It was such a fun to beat him at first. But with the practice he also got mastery and the stage came when we both were breaking each others records.

Saud Sabir

On June 15, 2000 my father resigned from his service. We did’nt know that time that we have to see the worst time of our life ahead. I first stayed in Karachi to complete my matriculation. After passing my exams I also joined my family in Thari Mirwah. But Saud and me kept in contact through letters as it was the only cheap mean of getting in touch. He sent me this pic right over this paragraph.


Saud Sabir in Office

After  5 years we again shifted back to Karachi. We had just brought our clothes with ourselves. We had to sell all that we had gathered one by one for meeting daily expenses there in Thari Mirwah. By this time Saud was in his last year of his completing his Engineering degree. I had also done B.Sc but in totally different circumstances.

Soon after coming to Karachi I began to search a job. First I started to teach in a private school and then finally got a private job which I am still doing. I had no money to pay for bus fare and I requested him to borrow me Rs. 300, which he happily gave to me. And after then on- on many occasions he has helped me.

He was the only friend to whom I invited on my marriage ceremony. I had not invited my other friends because the ceremony which I had arranged was not of their type. But one friend who wouldn’t mind was he. He is the only friend to whom my family know and cares. Same is the case of me with his family. Our wives also know about our friendship status.

He is married now and God has blessed him with a daughter “Arwa” on April 04, 2014. I am really happy that he became father timely. He shared his thought about being father ” Its the best thing happened to me in my whole life”. He further told me that ” After being father you feel complete and you get extra motivation and reason to work even harder.”

Waqar And Saud


So this was the brief glimpse of our friendship. We are still good friends and we know that we will remain so for the rest of our lives.


Published by: Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed is a professional freelancer since last five years, primarily working at Upwork. He writes about motivation, technology, personal growth, and about everything that he learns time to time. When he's free, he reads books, watches documentaries on YouTube or learning something new at Udemy!

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9 thoughts on “Saud Sabir – A Friend of All Seasons.”

  1. What a delightful glimpse in the lives of two Pakistani men, so savagely misunderstood in America 😦
    I come to your blog to open my eyes to your nation, my good fellow brother…and discuss literature


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