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Imran Khan’s Civil Disobedience Movement.

Yesterday, On August 17, 2014 Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf,  bowled a very wide delivery of his political career. He has announced that till the resignation of Prime Minister, Civil disobedience campaign will be observed in whole the country. At least he wishes so. He has requested all people of Pakistan, industrialists, small business owners, hence everyone who has to pay tax and utility bills- not to do it.

It may be noted that, in Pakistan the proportion of indirect tax is more than the proportion of direct tax. Whatever we buy, we pay a tax on it first. All the grocery items are taxed. Apparently, this call is definitely not for the common man. The majority of the population lives on meagre allowances. Economic surveys depict that average worker is just earning $2 a day. How come they can deny to pay the taxes?.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan

But even the industrialists and all those people who are paying taxes are rejecting Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience. Chamber of Commerce has said that Pakistan can’t sustain such a blow where already its in economic crisis. 

In fact Imran Khan had no other way to soothe his followers who are right now gathered in Islamabad. Imran Khan has been very aggressive throughout his sit-in protest against the government. For keeping his followers charged and in high spirit, Imran Khan has gone behind the line. After so much aggressive remarks and a hype that he created- its very hard to back off. His followers want to literally throw away the government and want to attack the parliament. Imran Khan had to say , ‘No, No, No’ but to no avail. His crowd was really enthusiastic to cross the red-line marked.

Good leader is the one who controls his followers, but yesterday I saw that Imran Khan was totally in control of his followers.

Imran Khan’s such decision can be termed as ‘Political suicide’. His such decision to launch a civil disobedience movement against the government and against his own government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province has been taken with harsh criticism. Because Civil disobedience movement is more for the country than the government. Imran Khan’s rivalry is with the government not with the state. So his decision is just a joke and a blunder of its own unique nature.

In a television interview, Imran Khan said that “my political style is as of Gandhi”. However, being a Pakistani, Muhammad Ali Jinnah should be his political ideal. Even if Mr. Khan’s style is as of Gandhi- still this does not justify the call of civil disobedience. Because Gandhi had started civil disobedience campaign against the foreign rule of British empire.

It would be far better if Imran Khan had kept his focus on Election Reforms. There is no doubt that his stance on election rigging was worth pursuing and consideration. All should be done to better electoral process and every step must be taken to control the rigging loophole.

It is also worth mentioning that Imran Khan is right to say that to some extent his votes were manipulated and that he has the right to protest. But his all steps and statements should remain within the constitution. Being a very respectable and loved politician, it is his responsibility to be a role model for the current and coming generations. But by provoking such hate speeches, I think, Imran is doing harm to himself only.

I wish Imran Khan best of luck and also want to see him as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He has worked a lot and harder. His political struggle is remarkable and his charity work is unmatchable in the history of Pakistan. But it is also his responsibility to maintain a peace and discipline in his party and no such incident may happen that can be devastating for himself and the Pakistan as a whole.

Imran Khan has given ultimatum of two more days to government. Now lets see what happens in the coming future. All we can do is to pray that this political tension may be fused through political dialogues and with reconciliation. 

Something About Palestine

From the day one of conflict between Israel’s military and Palestine’s Hamas I have been continuously reading news reports. I have read what Palestinians are saying about this war and I have also read what the Israelis’ are saying about the same war.

I also tried to know the historical perspective of this vicious conflict. This one picture says all.

The disappearing Palestine

The disappearing Palestine

I was really shocked to know that how Palestine has been reduced in a period of just a half century. How the majority has been turned into minority- at least demographically wise. Israelis, once settlers, became the owner of the land. I really understand that how they would have ousted palestinians out of their homeland. Through the force of arms and oppression. Nowhere in the world it happened that the native were squeezed in such a manner as happened with palestinians.  But this so called civilized world has let it happen and have turned themselves deaf to hear the cries of Palestinian people. At Government level there have been never real stop-call to Israel.

In contrast,I am very much pleased to know that the people of different nations, irrespective of what religion they are following, have come forward to express their grief and anger for the loss of precious lives of Palestinian who have lost their lives in the course of this war. Humanity is still living, I thought, when I read the news or saw a picture of demonstration being held in France, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Belgium and other arab countries.

Common People protesting in favor of Palestine

Common People protesting in favor of Palestine

Social Media is also very supportive for the Palestinians. Everyday you will find something trending for the current conflict. For example, currently what trending on twitter is #Palestenians #SaveGaza. Good indication that at the people level there is still humanity left.

On Facebook, people have changed their profile pictures with the flag of Palestine or some slogan in favor of them. People are continuously sharing breaking news and pictures of Just-In from the Palestine and are showing their support for them. Thats how the general public across the countries have responded to the war that is being waged by Israel against Palestine.

It also came as surprise to me that not all the Jews are supporting Israel’s seige on Palestine. Many Jews also led the protests in favor of Palestine and have asked Israel to stop waging war against innocent and handicapped Palestinians. This picture is the evidence.

Jews Against The Siege of Gaza

Jews Against The Siege of Gaza

But the response from Governments is really discouraging. I felt that governments and the general public don’t think in the same way. No doubt, there is democracy in UK, for example, but the opinion of majority is doing nothing to the rulers and they have their own view for this conflict. You will feel that people are outragreous for Israel but their Government is totally backing up the Israel.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also standing with Israel and wants Hamas crushed and disarmed. They do have sympathetic views for the suffering and death tolls of common palestinians but they really hate Hamas.

And due to this overwhelming support or deafening silence of the international community Israel is feeling confident to keep on the war. There have been announcements of truce but to the extent of media only. Just after the announcement I hear the news that bombing is being carried out. I am really sad for this.

Even the United Nations offices, schools and camps are not being spared. Poor palestinian thought that these places would be safe for them. But Israel’s bombs chased them there too. it is heart-breakening to know that majority of the casualties are of children and women. Israel says that these locations are being used for stocking bombs and other war related purposes. However, UNO officials have condemned such allegations with the harshest tone. But again the silence of the international community is deafening. I never thought that international community will be so silent and will let people die. There is no shelter no way out of the Gaza people. They are totally locked from all the four directions.

I think this conflict is not based on religion. This war is to occupy the land of Palestine. And the reason that the Islamic countries are silent is that all the countries are afraid of Hamas. Because the muslim countries think that Hamas type of organizations can get inspiration if Hamas wins this war. As far as Hamas is concerned, it seems to me, that their goal is to free Palestine from the jaws of Israel.

The role of United Nations to resolves this conflict is also not satisfactory. All have been pressurizing and blaming only Hamas for the killing of Palestinian People. In their view, its the right of Israel to defend itself. Oh come on, see how many Palestinian have lost their lives and the majority of them was of civilian. They weren’t armed or fighting. These Palestinian were just running for their lives. But the bombs followed them where as per international law bombing was not allowed.

The need of the hour is that this conflict must be resolved as quickly as possible. And the Palestinian may be released from this open-air prison. They must be given their right of determination and must be given right to live freely. Remember, You can’t live happy if you are causing your neighbour pain and killing them.

I am also very much happy that general public understands this well and have shown their support for the innocent people of Palestine. It shows that all the people of the world are peace loving people. So my dear people, keep the pressure on till our governments take action and resolve this conflict according to the will of Palestine.

What I was doing when I wasn’t posting at all

During this sacred month of Ramadan I haven’t written anything significant. One reason for my idleness is complete mutation of my daily routine. I wake up early in the morning for keeping fast and remain so till the sun sets in the west.  I utilized my free time for reading books and newspapers only.

I am so much addicted to book reading that I haven’t time to write my own pieces. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am convinced that I will write only that I know. And I will read what I don’t know. So I feel more happy in reading rather than in writing. Another thing that I have understood that before writing I must have some very solid and reasonable stuff at my hand to write on. And its the best time to increase my own mind level and to grab knowledge as much as I can. 

From today forwards I will be on Eid leaves. We celebrate Eid at the end of the Ramadan – the month of fasting. This holiday season I will enjoy at home and will give time to my family members. 

I will be back again with loads of energy and enthusiasm! 





How dreams come true… ?

‘Comfort Zone is an ideal place but nothing grows there’.

Seeing dreams is a normal thing for every creature in the world. Dogs, cats, elephants hence everything who has a life, dreams. But it’s the only human who can see dreams and then can bring them into reality.

For becoming that you are not, for reaching a destination either of moral highness or material gains one has to work harder. We have to bring ourselves out of our comfort-zone and have to readily sacrifice our family time, hobbies and other comforts for achieving that high dream.


The thing which is common in of all us is that we have all have seen dreams and have acted upon but for a while only. We use to pick up an ambition and then after sometimes we began to realize that we are not finding any success. Our motivation level hits the ground as rocket comes down to the target from the sky. We become hopeless, we think we can’t do it. And we start to think that we were wrong to believe that we could achieve our goal and could live our dream. We are always in hurry to see our dreams come true. But all the good things require time, energy and investment.


There are millions of minds and eyes which see their dreams. There are many brilliant minds out there who conceive a brilliant idea that can change the world.  But that same wonderful dies because they do one blunder. They don’t act on it. They don’t implement their idea.


One thing which is necessary for realizing one’s dream is ‘implementation’. There are two parts of anything. First we think in our mind and then we act upon our idea with our hands, resources, money or hard work. Consistency is another ingredient of success. We have to be consistent in what we are trying to achieve. Whatever you do with consistent approach will definitely be fruitful for you in the longer run.


I have heard and read about many creators, leaders, philanthropists and I found one thing which was common in them was their ‘Optimism’. During the darkest hours of their struggle they remained optimists about their success. About achieving they thought they had to. And they didn’t give up their cause. However, like all of us they were afraid of failure. The second thought of doing something useless always haunted their minds but they didn’t give up. From religious point of view, ‘God just wants to see how determined we are’ and He never let go anybody’s hard work in vain.


All the big enterprises, firms, corporations, philosophical ideas were conceived by humans like you and me. The difference is that they somehow implemented their ideas practically. Some got their dreams realized by meditations and they dedicated their lives to understand the truth and for that purpose they adopted isolation and lived in caves like Buddha Some opened a little workshop in their home’s backyard garage and tried to materialize their dream with what they had like Steve Jobs. Some went to jails for their cause and didn’t give up and came out victorious. Nelson Mandela is an example. For them it was easy to surrender or to give up the struggle. But they chose to face hardships for their believes and dreams.

Be your own Boss

Be your own Boss

So first of all think about an idea. You are now half way there. Now the 50% is in implementing your idea. Do anything which can bring you closer to your dream. You just have to engage yourself and rest God will do for you. It is more that possible that you will find such people during your course of struggle who will help you. By seeing your determination it is not so remote that you may get a financer. People will start following you and will provide you all the means which are necessary to realize your dream. If you are alive and determinant, anything can happen and everything is possible to do. You just do your part.


Now see, I thought of an idea to write on ‘Motivation’. Then I implemented it by actually writing up this post. If I hadn’t acted promptly this idea could never have been materialized. Now you will say that I am being very simple. But I bet that this approach is the cornerstone of any struggle towards achieving any goal i.e ‘Idea and implementation’.


So the formula to success is simple. Think of an idea and give your 100% to implement it. There is no one in the world who can say that I really worked hard, gave everything but couldn’t succeed.


So this is the story I tell myself when I feel low. How you overcome your de-motivation?

Only Justice Can Change The World.

I thought about poverty today. No, I won’t cry my ass off for being impoverished-stricken. I am talking about the world at large. I thought about all the wars that displaced many people, many were killed, many lived like handicapped thereafter. Many become kings and many innocent people were turned slave and lived for centuries under relentless slavery of their oppressors.
I am wondering why after pouring billions of dollars still world is hungry, still people are dying. When I thought about the people who are living miserable lives, my mind took me to the Africa and I saw there gold mines where the natives were working and earning as much as their food.
Then I see politicians, leaders, celebrity yearning for ‘Change’ but it didn’t occur. For some of us the literal meaning of change is to get rid of illiteracy. Pen can change the world they say. But I see many educated people who are jobless. They are living worse lives then the illiterate ones because an MBA holder can’t do mean jobs. Change can’t come by just making people learning high education – something is missing, I thought.
By squeezing borders and strict visa regulations were once thought of keeping foreigners. They thought by this way they will be able to create more jobs for their ordinary citizens. What I saw, by even such regressive steps nothing better happened to the world but it further went into the whirlpool of recessions. Change didn’t come by keeping people away from each other either.
So I invented the new slogan “ Justice can change the world”. When our parliamentarians will involve in corruptions and will only care for gathering black money to freeze them in Swiz Banks then no matter you educate your nation – change won’t come. Change can only come when you give each person its due right on the basis of merit. The chaos in the world is due to injustice. Its not about saving the world or about Islamization. Its just about the injustice that is done that cause people to retaliate.
For example, here at wordpress we are living quite happily. Because none of us is usurping anyone’s rights. We all have our space and have liberty to say what we want. Here, sharing means let growing each other. Each like or comment we are giving to each other is like giving each one of us some appreciation and support to write even better.
No matter how much money people invest to just keep the people alive, no sustainable change will occur to this world. We just don’t have to keep the world alive, we have to give them their proper place and have to make justice. Then only we can expect real change. We all humans are naturally good to each other. Each one of us feels happy when he / she does good. Nobody wants to be bad, its just the injustice that made most of us bad.